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Welcome to kulibri! Saving you time and nerves...
Gestalte deine Umfragen individuell mit eigenen Hintergrundbildern und erlebe die neuen Features als Erster.

Registration is not required to use kulibri. However, there are multiple benefits doing so. More...
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  • Schedule an event

    You want to find the most suitable date for a group?
    ...e.g. for family reunions, board meetings, workshops or other group events? kulibri takes care of notifying participants as well as collecting the votes. More about scheduling an event
    kulibri helps you find a suitable date immediately!

    Start date-poll

  • Make a choice

    You want to find the option with the most votes?
    Where to go on vacation? Which movie? What present for Sandra? kulibri collects options and votes from your participants for you.

    kulibri helps finding the best option in short time!

    Start generic poll

  • Invite to event

    You want to know who will come to your event?
    Who have I invited so far? Who is missing? Who is coming and with whom? kulibri offers a participant administration, automatic reminders to the "resistent people" as well as online statistics.
    kulibri helps you keep track of your invitation!

    Create event

  • Settle expenses

    You want to settle expenses within a group?
    Sometimes trouble settling payments for e.g. debts, buddy trips, group-gifts, flat- or office-sharing etc.? kulibri distibutes the expenses flexibly among the participants and takes care of collecting outstanding money.
    kulibri helps managing group expenses in a fair and reliable way!

    Start settle expenses

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