About us

The story of kulibri begins in the mid-1990s. Four guys get to know each other during their studies at the University of Regensburg (3x business, 1x law). In order not to lose contact with each other after the exams, annual “buddy trips” to different European cities are undertaken. The annoying e-mail races arise already trying to find a date, then when trying to find a destination and then again afterwards with the settlement of the expenditures for hotel, flights, rented car etc..

From the third “buddy trip” on, the first self-programmed tools are used to fill in tables that can be viewed online. “Who can go when?” or “Where to?” are the programs called. One or two trips later, “who owes whom?” is also added and there are already requests from friends, if they could also use these programs.

For the first kulibri version, which goes online in 2006, the guys get two programmers on board as reinforcement. For the time being, kulibri remains a “pet project” – free of charge and, of course, without advertising.

kulibri grows only moderately at first. In 2019, the number of users from all over the world multiplies to over 500,000 due to viral effects. Almost every day, emails arrive with thanks and praise from the users. The decision is made to take kulibri to the next level technologically and to improve user experience. Then the Corona pandemic begins.

Without real life events, trips, birthday parties and sports, the numbers go down. But there is more time now to revise the “Atari” design of the homepage and to implement new ideas. The development team is strengthened, kulibri gets a new face, a completely new editing interface, individual background images for projects and many other features that users have requested over the years.

kulibri remains ad-free, all data is stored on servers in Germany and will not be passed on to third parties.

The relaunch is in February 2022.

February 2022 is the relaunch.

kulibri remains ad-free, all data is stored on servers in Germany and will not be passed on to third parties.

The new application is well received, but of course – as expected – with some bugs and room for improvement.

The kulibri mantra “listen to people – ask questions – understand – be responsive – learn” , ultimately helps kulibri to grow signifificantly every week.

In October 2022, the first premium features are offered.