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Your schedule is as unique as you are. Use the new kulibri to customize your projects. Upload own images and configure new settings to save even more time as opposed to the standard WhatsApp and Email races.

Date Poll

Propose dates or times and let participants vote

Event Invitation

Invite guests and monitor who is coming

General Poll

Propose general options and let participants vote

Manage Expenses


Frequently asked questions

What’s new?

A lot has changed in the new kulibri.

  • An overview of the new layout and some of the new admin feaurtures can be found here
  • An overview of other improvements can be found here
  • An overview of all ongoing changes can be found in our Release Notes

Is kulibri still ad-free and free of charge?


We remain true to our principle of not passing on data to third parties.

kulibri also remains ad-free and free of charge.

However, we have invested a lot in kulibri and will soon offer a subscription for power users.

For basic use, everything remains as it is.

Do I need to register in order to start a poll?

You can use kulibri without registration.

When you start your own poll without having an account, we will ask for your email address. This is required in order to be able to send you the admin link and other notifications about the progress of your poll.

What is kulibri doing – in short?

kulibri is an online tool that helps you to quickly and easily find and coordinate dates to meet and organize events with your friends, colleagues or members of your club or team.

If you want to know more about finding dates, click here.

If you want to know how to use kulibri to invite to events, click here


What do the various symbols mean, when I respond in kulibri?

You can find an overview of the various kulibri symbols from admin or participant point of view in this post 


How long will the old kulibri version be operated?

The old kulibri version will be online until the last users have moved to new kulibri. Probably until the end of June 2022.

Users and contacts will be transferred continuously. Projects will remain separate.

Is there a difference between and date polls and finding dates?

No, same thing. Just a matter of wording.

The basic challenge is to quickly and easily find the date that works best for all members of a larger group, while avoiding time consuming email and what´sapp “battles”.

In order to support this, kulibri offers so called date polls.