kulibri premium

New features for admins who use kulibri in a (semi-) professional way and/or very regularly

We decided to go with the well-known “freemium” model – without advertising – as our business model.

That means:

  • The majority of the functions will continue to be free of charge and without advertising for all users.
  • Some functions will only be made available to admins with “Premium User” status, who will have to sign up for a paid annual membership (subscription). These are mostly features that are useful or necessary for special or very intense  use.

The current overview of all features, memberships and prices can be found here.


New Feature: Sub-Administration

Many of our users use kulibri to organize repetitive queries in larger groups.
However, since the admins are often volunteers or work shifts, they cannot always be available themselves.  Organizational bottlenecks then sometimes occur.
To be able to distribute this work on more shoulders, we now offer the admins the possibility to make participants sub-admins, and this in the most simple way possible.

kulibri Sub-Administration
kulibri Sub-Administration

New Feature: Automated reminders

If you often use kulibri for planning tasks, it may happen that you to remind the participants of a poll or event to respond before the deadline or the upcoming next option.
Now there is an option for admins to define automated reminders per project.

kulibri automated reminders
kulibri automated reminders

New module: Tasks / ToDo Lists

Many of our users use kulibri to plan events of any kind. For this purpose, event invitations, date surveys or text surveys are used.

When it comes to events in known groups, the kulibri comments or accompanying WhatsApp / Signal groups are often used to distribute tasks that need to be done at the event.
Alternatively, there are the well known  tear-off notes on the bulletin boards of schools/nurseries/clubs and companies etc.

A job/task list for a kindergarten summer party could e.g. look like this:

  • 5 x set up
  • 1 x grill
  • 20 x bring food
  • 5 x clean up
  • 2 x do shopping
  • 3 x appetizers
  • 1 x dessert

Often the options in polls are used to better coordinate predetermined processes, which corresponds to kind of a “shift planning” as for example with:

  • fire department drills
  • choir planning
  • orchestra or band planning
  • all sorts of group sports planning (football / soccer / hockey / etc)

In most of these cases, certain tasks/activities have to be done once or several times by one or more people at the event. The main task of the organizers is to make sure that all tasks are distributed.

This is exactly where the new kulibri module “Jobs / Todos” comes in:

Admins can define multiple tasks to be done by the group of participants in addition to each poll/event invitation.

Jobs and Todos Example
Tasks area in kulibri

Custom logos and designs

Many kulibri users use kulibri in a professional or semi-professional way.
In those cases the requirment for custom logos, that fit well into the project page, always comes up.

In order to support this requirement, the following features are now available:

  • Upload of own logos
  • Manage own links behind the logo
  • Adjust the logo size
  • Adjust the header background color and font color
  • Adjust transparency for dark or light mode

More options will follow soon.

As an example here are 2 different “Custom Designs”:

Custom Logo and Designs example 1
The creation of a custom design
Custom Logo and design plain white
Plain white

Copying contacts from other projects

Many of our users have long contact lists and do not always invite everyone, but only a sub-set of their contacts to their projects.
And those sub-sets are basically always the same for the corresponding target group, or correspond to the last used participant list.
To minimize the effort for creating the invitations, admins can now copy contacts from their other (mostly last) projects with one click.

Up to 50 background images

Premium users can now upload up to 50 background images – the limit for standard registered users is 3.

Coming very soon

We are currently working on the following premium functionalities and will release them soon:
  • Automated reminders
  • Custom landing pages