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    Is kulibri an alternative to doodle?


    Of course, the answer is more complex in detail.

    The strength of doodle is to very quickly find the best common appointment in different calendars, i.e. the classic appointment finding in the work environment. Of course, this can also be achieved with kulibri, but admittedly not quite as elegantly, since the topic of calendar integration has not played any role at all for us so far. Also booking into calendars is not our focus as of now.

    Our main topics are the constantly recurring coordination tasks in existing social groups, classes, teams or clubs. This of course includes date polls, meeting scheduling, course and training planning, general surveys, but also event invitations with guests and to-do lists. Therefore, we make the user experience a bit more emotional e.g. by using design and background images.

    Ultimately, however, there is a large overlap in terms of functions and customer needs.

    It should be noted though that we really appreciate doodle as a professional company and are grateful for the pioneering work they have done.
    However, our business model, values and vision are different.

    When do I use which poll type?

    kulibri offers 3 poll types:

    • date polls
    • text polls
    • event invitations

    To find out, which type is best for which use case, pls read this.

    What is the difference between Admins and Sub-Admins?

    Since Version 1.2.2 (Januar 23) we support our admins with the ability to manage sub-admins.


    The difference between the two is minimal:


    Sub-admins are not allowed to appoint additional sub-admins themselves.


    Otherwise the rights are identical, sub-admins receive the same email notifications as admins.

    What is kulibri doing – in short?

    kulibri is an online tool that helps you to quickly and easily find and coordinate dates to meet and organize events with your friends, colleagues or members of your club or team.

    If you want to know more about finding dates, click here.

    If you want to know how to use kulibri to invite to events, click here


    Is kulibri still ad-free and free of charge?


    We remain true to our principle of not passing on data to third parties.

    kulibri remains ad-free and and the base service is free of charge.

    Since October 2022 we offer our registered users the possibility to upgrade their account to the Premium User Status.

    The Premium User Status offers some additional features that make the work of Power Users easier.


    Do I need to register in order to start a poll?

    You can use kulibri without registration.

    When you start your own poll without having an account, we will ask for your email address. This is required in order to be able to send you the admin link and other notifications about the progress of your poll.

    What do the various symbols mean, when I respond in kulibri?

    You can find an overview of the various kulibri symbols from admin or participant point of view in this post 


    Is there a difference between and date polls and finding dates?

    No, same thing. Just a matter of wording.

    The basic challenge is to quickly and easily find the date that works best for all members of a larger group, while avoiding time consuming email and what´sapp “battles”.

    In order to support this, kulibri offers so called date polls.

    How long will the old kulibri version be operated?

    Since 96% of all users have moved over to the new kulibri version by December 2022, we will finally turn off the old version by end of Feb 2023.